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How much is a website worth? is a perfect Tool that helps you to estimate website value,Find your IP address, get website Google PageReank and other web tools to help webmasters.Get complete website information,our uniwhat algorithm will calculate and estimate the website daily income, seo,daily visitors, Google pagerank, traffic details.

Just enter the URL and you'll get an instant overview of the value of the site and other important statistics including Alexa Rank, BackLinks, Meta Description,server IP,Rank Graphs, and DMOZ listing.

What affects on website cost?

It seems a complicated whatstion to answer but in this article we are going to give you the keys and all the necessary data so you can know how much it would cost to create a self-managed professional website in 2019, with a blog, adapted to mobiles, tablets and what functions it should have in relation to at your price.

To understand how much a website costs you have to go step by step, especially if you are a non-technical user.

Remember that the cheapest is not always the best, sometimes more expensive websites turn out to be more economical and functional.

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Ordering a website is not like buying a car or a mobile phone. We are buying a service with which we intend to launch our online business.

It is especially important if we want to use our page for online marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, selling online or getting traffic through search engine optimization.

How much is a website worth contents:

What kind of website do I need?

The best recommendation we can give you is not to make a custom website, or rather, from scratch. Years ago that was the only way of working and costs were not lower than 2,000 but now web pages are made using a free content manager, such as WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, etc.

The good thing about CMS or content managers is that they allow you to use a template design, which greatly lowers the project to be carried out and it's more affordable to say how much is a website worth.

The template designs we are talking about are premium and professional, they have the best design and functions you can find in the market.

If you use a template design and a standard CMS like WordPress your page will never fall short, there are currently more than 30,000 free plugins ready to download and use. You will also have blog and SEO optimization.

What functions should website have and how much it's worth?

We are very flexible and have very varied web prices since we want to reach a wide range of users.

Our prices range from $100 to $1000 and up, here you have all the information or if you prefer you can go directly to the different offers:

Will website with custom budget worth more?

The amount varies depending on how many pages you have to design, the amount of hours spent customizing the design, if you want us to visit you, etc.

We recommend that you make your website on WordPress, the best CMS of the moment, free and the safest.

The websites that costs more money

In our case, the most expensive pages provide more hours in design, which makes your page more attractive and professional.

Buying a more expensive website will guarantee greater elaboration in web design, your page will be more attractive, professional and elegant, essential if you have an online business or company.

Many people ask if in WordPress you can get a custom, customized web design, as they say «without template». Of course, you can actually create a custom template for your WordPress installation, it is best if you want something totally made to measure.

Which website option suits me best and how much is a website worth?

If you want a simple business design and spend little money we recommend you choose our Professional Website.

If on the contrary you want to have a more personalized design, which has a certain aesthetic line according to the image of your company, we recommend the Advanced Web that is supposed to be more expensive, although we say that the most expensive does not have to be the most expensive, the most expensive is to order a cheap website and then not serve its purpose.

What is the monthly cost of a website?

A website needs a domain, for example that costs about $10-15 per year. You also need a hosting or hosting, which consists of a server where your page will be running 24 hours a day.

If you are interested in something cheap you can hire an unmanaged standard hosting, it can be around 5 per month, but you should know that they only take care of the server, not the page, if there is any problem with it you must solve it yourself.

That is why the most advisable and professional is to have a managed accommodation like the one we offer, we take care of the server and the page, we monitor it so that it does not fall, we monitor the security, we take care of it and we give you specific support, this service costs $10 per month, here is more information.

It may seem more expensive to pay 5 per month but it is not the same, with the cheap price you have only hosting and with the one of 19 you also have a maintenance, you have more service.

What role does SEO plays?

In our case, if you choose a Web Landing, Professional or Premium Web, do not worry because being made in WordPress can be optimized for SEO.

What we strongly advise you is to hire an SEO campaign with us or any professional to start up and create SEO content in order to make search engine positions as high as possible.

What website services may interest me?

In Web Artesanal we offer a series of optional packages with the following prices:

Advanced initial SEO campaign, $279. We perform SEO for five keyword, competition analysis, geographic location, trends, etc.

Adapt the website to another language, $149. We adapt the web to another language replicating the same structure and contents.

The price of the translation is not included in this price. This price includes a maximum of 10 pages.

Video training to learn to manage the page, $119. We recorded numerous short-term training videos directly on your page to teach you how to update the contents: how to publish news, change images, configure the home, etc.

These videos are usually about 12 or 15 and the total duration is approximately 25 minutes.

Face-to-face training to learn how to administer the page. We give you face-to-face training in your office ($50/h) or ours ($45/h) to teach you how to update the contents of your website: how to publish news, change images, content advice, SEO and other interesting aspects.

This course can last between 3 and 5 hours depending on what you are interested in delving into the tool.

Do you want to know how much it costs to create an ecommerce?

You will see two types of ecommerce, one in WordPress with Woocommerce, which is the best option if your sale is simple, and another more expensive option under Prestashop environment, a much more advanced and complex type of ecommerce.

Who can design my website for me? An agency or a freelance designer?

website price This is like everything, it depends on the professionalism that one or the other can contribute.

There is nothing like requesting access to the portfolio to see the work done by one and the other.

A WordPress agency or a web design agency in general will almost certainly have higher prices, they have to bear higher costs in their business, employees, office, etc.

On the other hand, a freelance web designer has a tighter economy, so their prices can be cheaper at a glance.

What is often thought of one and the other is that the agency can offer greater credibility and guarantee of good work execution, compared to a freelance developer. However, this does not have to be like this.

We have seen very often how the agency hired the freelance designer to do the job and they acted as mere intermediaries.

In other cases we have seen how the agency did the work with its staff, logically it is not the same.

Our opinion in this regard is very clear. You will pay the price of the website only once and possibly you will not remember how much you paid over time. So ... what matters?

The final result.

Your page must be professional, with a good design, architecture, that is easy to update and that serves for many years, that is suitable for search engine optimization.

Ask for references, look at the work done and finally…. Trust your instinct.

How much is a website development worth?

If you have ever asked for a budget to make your website, you will surely have taken more than one surprise.

Not because it is very expensive or very cheap, but because of the difference between one budget and another.

"Why do some ask me 800 and others ask me 1500 for making the same website?"

It is inevitable to think that one of the two is teasing you. This is not normally the case: the two budgets may be correct.

This is like buying a car or a house.

How much does a house cost?

It depends.

It depends on where it is located. Of the square meters you have. Of the quality of the finishes. From the architect who designed it. If it includes storage or parking ...

I know that a "depends" is not worth the answer.

You have come here looking for specific figures to know how much a web page costs.

And you will have those figures, but let's go by parts.

What kind of web costs are we talking about?

In this post I will focus on the creation of professional websites, not websites created on free Wix-type platforms.

Here we have come to talk about serious things. ;)

Nor do I mean buying a WordPress template and putting the text as it is, but a broader design process that includes a previous analysis and a solution adapted to the business objectives.

Even the cheapest websites should meet those premises. Otherwise you are throwing money.

In this article I will focus on the design of web pages in WordPress.

WordPress is the content manager that uses 30% of all the world's websites.

It's not by chance.

WordPress is constantly updated. It is super flexible and has a huge community of professionals who are continually creating products (plugins, specialized hostings, templates ...) to expand their performance.

What influences the price of a website?

There are many variables that influence the final price of a website. That is why it is so difficult to give concrete figures.

To give you an idea, here are the main variables:


It is not the same a static web page whose mission is only to display information, a website that allows publishing different types of content or that needs to process payments.

Some of the most typical features to help with dilemma - how much is a website worth:

Imagine you are a real estate agent. You may need to publish on your website the properties you sell, so that the user can search, sort them by price, etc.

The same happens if you offer online courses: you will need to publish lessons that only students can access.

These options do not come by default in WordPress, you have to add them.

Extra functionalities of this type usually involve more time of dedication, specific programming or the intervention of more specialized professionals.


In the WordPress universe, there are basically 3 types of web depending on the level of customization you want to achieve:

1. Design based on a template.

It consists of implementing a predesigned template (such as those you can find in Themeforest) and adapting it to the contents of the new website and your corporate identity.

This allows you to create a website quickly, but it also has many limitations at the design level and is usually not as beautiful as the demo you saw when you bought the template ...

Another important thing is that if you rely on a template you will have to create the content based on the design of that template, when the ideal is to make the design based on the content. There are nuances here, but the general rule is that.

It is true that there are templates that allow you to make virguerias, but they are usually very heavy and take a long time to load. That is not good for the user or for SEO. They also include features that you will never use.

Another problem is that your website will look like many others. For example, it is seen a kilometer away when a website is designed with Divi.

2. Design based on a framework.

A framework allows you to create a website from a very basic and lightweight predefined structure. Let's say the framework is the skeleton and muscles of the web. Then it is customized by adding the skin and clothing according to the needs of the project.

This is the option that we like the most and the one we use in most of my projects. It allows us to create websites with designs and make the question "how much is a website worth" less stressful.

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